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LED Panel Lighting

Buckland Energy


LED Panel lighting.

LED Panel lights utilise top quality ‘Surface Mounted Diodes’ (SMD) to light an optical material known as PMMA (Poly Methyl Methacrylate) which is a transparent thermo plastic. The SMD’s are mounted on opposing sides of the panels and lumenate the PMMA through the use of a specially designed light guide plate, polariser, reflector and diffuser.

The result is a beautiful white light with uniformity and a high efficiency. With a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of >82, an output of 80 lm/w and a Power Factor Correction of >0.95, it is a testament to 16 months of research and development.

Buckland has aligned itself with a solid manufacturer with over 10 years of backlight module design that not only produces the material in-house, but also conduct ongoing research and development to produce further enhancements to our panel lights and ensure we remain a leader in this field.

LED Panel lighting for offices.

High quality LED panel lights not only improve your office environment, but will generally provide savings of 50% or more of your electricity usage and carbon emissions when compared to traditional T8 fluorescent tubes.

LED panels are a simple replacement for fluorescent tubes as you simply unplug the existing fluorescent fixture, remove it and replace it with the new fixture. This saving on installation costs will greatly enhance your ROI.

LED Panel lighting for corridors, classrooms and shops

Consumers are looking at ways of saving money with in their businesses and also to do their part in saving the planet by reducing their carbon emissions. Lighting is one of the most effective ways to succeed in these areas.

Buckland Energy prides itself on providing market leading, high quality products to their clients.

Utilising high quality LED’s, an expected life time of over 50,000 hrs and a 5 year warranty, you can trust Buckland to provide panels that will give you years of maintenance and hassle free operation.

LED Panel Light Luminaire

LPL-300H 300mm x 300mm LED Panel
Light Spec Sheet


LED Panel lighting various
sizes to suit all applications.

Buckland Energy has spent the past 16 months on R&D for our new LED panel lights to ensure a long lasting, consistent, uniform light source was produced for sale into the market. We have based our panel sizing on customer requests and supply

five options to replace the most commonly used fluorescent fixtures for office lighting and advertising back lighting. Buckland provides a 5 year warranty on the LED panel lights that have an expected lifetime of 50,000 plus hours.

LPL-600H 600mm x 300mm LED Panel
Light Spec Sheet


LPL-600F 600mm x 600mm LED Panel
Light Spec Sheet


LPL-1200H 1200mm x 300mm LED Panel
Light Spec Sheet


LPL-1200F 1200mm x 600mm LED Panel
Light Spec Sheet