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Induction Lighting

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Main Features of SOLARA Induction Lighting System

Buckland Energy only recommends world-leading Amko Solara induction lighting technologies.

Utilising patented Japanese components in the electronic ballasts, the finished product meets Japanese Engineering Technology (JET) standards. This ensures a high quality, long lasting power source for the globes. Japanese A-grade quality phosphor powder provides a consistent, high Colour Rendering Index (CRI ) and Kelvin Temperature (K) meaning the lights you install will all be the same colour and provide up to 100,000 hrs of quality light. That ’s the equivalent of burning 8,000 hrs per year for over 12 years.

Amko Solara induction lights are covered by a manufacturers warranty of 5 years.

Amko Solara induction lighting is a world leading, world class product you can rely on.

How Induction Lamps Work?

Magnetic induction lamps are basically fluorescent lamps with electromagnets wrapped around a part of the tube, or inserted inside the lamp. In external inductor lamps, high frequency energy, from the electronic ballast, is sent through wires, which are wrapped in a coil around the ferrite inductor, creating a powerful magnet.

The induction coil produces a very strong magnetic field which travels through the glass and excites the mercury atoms in the interior which are provided by a pellet of amalgam (a solid form of mercury). The mercury atoms emit UV light and, just as in a fluorescent tube, the UV light is up-converted to visible light by the phosphor coating on the inside of the tube. The system can be considered as a type of transformer where the inductor is the primary coil while the mercury atoms within the envelope/tube form a single-turn secondary coil.

In a variation of this technology, a light bulb shaped glass lamp, which has a test-tube like re-entrant central cavity, is coated with phosphors on the interior, filled with inert gas and a pellet of mercury amalgam.

External Induction

The induction coil is wound around a ferrite shaft which is inserted into the central test-tube like cavity. The inductor is excited by high frequency energy provided by an external electronic ballast causing a magnetic field to penetrate the glass and excite the mercury atoms, which emit UV light, that is converted to visible light by the phosphor coating.

Internal Induction

The elimination of filaments and electrodes results in a lamp of unmatched life-span of 100,000 hours.

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